Die antiken Therme “Il Calidario“ mit einem natürlichen warmen See und Wellness-Center, 6 km von uns entfernt.

Therme “La Cerreta” mit Schwimmbädern und Wellness-Center inmitten der Macchia, 25 km von uns entfernt.

The Thermes di Venturina : an authentic corner of paradise, few minutes from downtown and the seafront. It is a modern temple of health, where the beauty of the surroundings is combined with lovely architecture, reinvigorating streams and hot water fountains. Our thermal waters flow with constant courswe during the whole year by the “Cratere” spring, whose beneficial properties were well known to the Etruscan and Roman populations. The waters flow at 45 Celsius all year round and are classified as sulphate-calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate-alkaline.